7 Best WebinarJam Alternatives & Competitors 2021

More than just a fairy tale, the COVID-19 pandemic is a blessing in disguise to some brands and companies which webinar happens to be among.

More than before, marketing has now become more exciting and gone up to higher ground since the pandemic when the use of webinar tools became more effective than ever?

More than just email automation, YouTube streaming to mention a few, WebinarJam alternatives have been incorporated into different businesses which have helped to improve the lead generation and engagement rate of your audiences.

These wonderful features on webinars have evolved so many businesses of different scales such that it has discouraged a lot of in-person events and encouraged online webinars.

As a result, the uncertainties that may occur in scheduling an in-person event are attended to hereby, increasing your lead generation through the engagement.

Speaking of the overall best webinar tools, WebinarJam can not be overlooked in the trend. Despite that, there are still some glitches attached to its use and that is why we have some other alternatives.

In this post, the in-depth review of WebinarJam alternatives will be discussed to have a broad insight as per the best webinar tools for you.

Let’s dive in.

Why WebinarJam Alternatives?

Different strokes for different folks as popularly say, while I do believe that WebinarJam is the best webinar solution in its trends, some of its downsides might be the reasons you ignored it.

So here, lesser worries for you in choosing the best webinar for your business as there are quite several WebinarJam alternatives that can be used to generate more leads for your business.

In respect of the sizes of your business, these WebinarJam alternatives will help you promote your online events and takes them to the top end that you aspire for.

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Seven(7) Best WebinarJam Alternatives

In this post, here are the seven best WebinarJam alternatives that have been reviewed and curated to assist you in your decision-making.

1. Demio

Demio webinar software

Demio remains the best alternative to WebianarJam. It offers more features than WebinarJam without a drop in quality of webinar experience.

It is a browser-based webinar solution that was launched far back in 2014. Demio has currently taken the lead as one of the top feature-packed webinar platforms. Perhaps, that is why it is compared with others in the niche such as Go-To-Webinar and WebEx.

Demio is a platform that supports both live and automated webinars and as well support integration with other automation platforms like MailChimp, GetResponse, InfusionSoft et Cetra.

Features of Demio

Speaking of the WebinarJam alternatives that are completely browser-based webinar solutions, Demio is not exempted from the list.

To express this further, It’s a solution that requires no download or installation by either the host or the attendees before it can work.

More on that, Demio offers you the privilege to customize your registration pages and give your thank-you page an eye-catching design that enhances a mutual relationship with your lead.

Beyond the default registration form templates, Demio enables you to add custom fields of your taste and as well allows you to enclose the registration forms on your website.

Worthy to mention, Demio offers you cool and diversified functionalities which makes every moment of your webinar a pleasurable one.

Features such as the ability to send automatic email notifications to your attendees serving as a reminder of your event, promo offers, call-to-action, real-time polls to mention a few.

All these nice features mentioned above, enhance the interaction rate of your webinar and the rate at which more leads land on your landing page.

To wrap it up, the platform also offers a live chat which allows viewers to be part of the conversation in real-time. Also, attendees can be invited by you to join the webinar at any time.

Demio Pricing Plans

Demio Pricing
Demio Pricing

Demio offers a 14-day test trial perhaps, for you to know more about it and to certify it okay to meet up with your system.

If considered, Demio offers three(3) premium plans that can be enjoyed by you each time you subscribe to any of them. These includes:

Starter Plan

This plan offers nice features like 50 attendees per webinar, live webinars, 1 presenter to mention a few all at the price of $34 per month.

Growth Plan

With $69 per month, you tend to enjoy all the starter plan features plus 150 attendees, 1 presenter, live and automated webinar, email branding.

Business Plan

This is the biggest guy among them. It’s mostly recommended to large-scale businesses.

It comes at a price rate of $163 per month and you enjoy all the growth plan features and other features like four(4) presenters, 500 attendees, dedicated customer service support.

2. LiveStorm

livestorm webinar software

LiveStorm is one of the best and popular WebinarJam alternatives that are incorporated into businesses of different scales.

It’s an all-in-one webinar hosting platform that helps to plan, control, manage and promote all your online events which make all of these activities easy on your business.

These functionalities have immensely promoted productivity in areas such as marketing, sales, customer success as well as HR teams to engage your prospects to become a staying client.

Notably, LiveStorm which was founded in February 2016 has gained the trust of several top brands due to their multifaceted features.

Features Of LiveStorm

There are several features of LiveStorm that make it outstanding. However, the key features will be highlighted in this post.

Needful to mention that the bloodline between WebinarJam and LiveStorm is that it’s also completely a browser-based software solution that needs no download of any apps before it can work.

Its exceptional email automation tool which permits you to send custom messages to your attendees, support of both live and automated webinars makes LiveStorm on top of the list.

On top of that, this platform also supports evergreen webinars and also integrates successfully with other tools which make the platform to be chasing others for their money.

Furthermore, one of the upsides of LiveStorm features is that it hosts a large number of webinars with up to 1000 attendees and up to six (6) simultaneous hosts in each webinar.

Speaking about similarities, LiveStorm is quite the same as WebinarJam especially in the area of its engagement tools. With this, you can create polls and get feedback via a live chat interface.

On this note, there is a question and answer section on the webinar which further promotes the interactive features of the meeting. With this feature, attendees can roll- in their questions.

Finally, with the up-to-date analytics tool just like in every WebinarJam alternatives, you can get data for each webinar which can be exported to your computer as a CSV or Excel file.

LiveStorm Pricing Plans

Livestorm price
Livestorm price

To start with, LiveStorm is known for its awesome free starter plan that supports unlimited webinars and meetings, unlimited moderators to mention a few.

However, there are limitations to the extent to which you enjoy the features offered by this package.

As a result, to enjoy the complete package on LiveStorm, you need to subscribe to one of the three available premium plans.

Let’s discuss them.

Free Plan

With this package, you get to enjoy unlimited webinars and meetings,10 webinar attendees, 20 minutes per webinar, one presenter to mention a few. All these features go for free.

Note that this package is great for small-scale businesses.

Meet Premium Plan

This plan is more advanced than the free plan. You tend to enjoy all the features of the free plan plus eight(8) webinar attendees at the rate of $31 per month.

Webinar Premium Plan

Webinar premium plan allows you to enjoy all the features of Meet premium plan alongside up to 100 webinar attendees, 4 hours per webinar to list a few at a cost as low as $99 per month.

Worthy of emphasis, aside from the listed price plans above, LiveStorm also offers an Enterprise plan which enables you to create custom configurations that will suit your business wants.

3. WebinarNinja


WebinarNinja is another all-in-one webinar solution that is known for its speed and easy-to-use features.

The platform has the capacity of hosting live and automated webinars, as well as hybrid and series webinars.

Speaking of its pricing plans, WebinarNinja offers a demo version and a free test to their audiences to evaluate the platform through testing before buying it.

Finally, both small and large-scale businesses are supported by this platform with a friendly users experience.

Features Of WebinarNinja

Much like the other WebinarJam alternatives, WebinarNinja is a browser-based platform that can be operated without a download or installation on your devices.

It has been acclaimed for its simple and easy interface which makes it straightforward to set up your webinar in less than a few minutes.

More to that, WebinarNinja offers a whole lot of ready-made registration forms and thank you pages where you can pick the one that best suits your brand. These features reduce the stress of creating one for yourself.

Also, the platform hosts all your images and webinar templates for maximum use hereby minimizing the ho-hum of creating them each time they are needed.

On top of that, apart from the live, automated, and hybrid webinars that are hosted on WebinarNinja, it also supports the hosting of paid webinars which are paid for using stripe as the payment gateway.

Finally, WebinarNinja integrates nicely with other top marketing automation tools like AWeber, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, and many others.

WebinarNinja Pricing Plans

WebinarNinja Pricing
WebinarNinja Price

WebinarNinja also offers a free trial mode to determine if you are satisfied with the functionalities it offers you.

However, to enjoy the full benefits of WebinarNinja, you need to subscribe to one of the four available pricing plans.

Starter Plan

This plan is usually used by small-scale businesses or starters. And at the price of $39 per month, you enjoy features such as 100 live webinar attendees, unlimited automated webinar attendees.

Pro Plan

This fantastic plan offers you all the starter plan and with additional features like 300 live webinar attendees, Facebook ad tracking to mention a few.

At $79 per month, you will enjoy all these features. It is usually adopted by medium and large businesses.

Plus Plan

On the plus plan, you get all the pro plan features plus 500 live webinar attendees, Hybrid webinar. With $129 per month, you can increase your leads using this plan.

Power Plan

It’s usually adopted by large-scale businesses. With this plan, you benefit from all the plus plans features plus the ability to host 1000 live webinar attendees at the price of $199 per month.

4. EasyWebinar


This is another all-in-one webinar alternative that makes creating a live or automated webinar easy.

Apparently, it’s a combo of marketing automation tools and webinar tools which makes it effectively function in the related areas.

Areas like brand awareness, lead attraction and of course, conversion of lead to paying customers are some of the focus of this platform.

Despite all of these, it’s needless to say that the platform lacks some core features in nearly all other WebinarJam alternatives that I have curated.

Features Of EasyWebinar

To start with, EasyWebinar allows you to host live, automated, and on-demand webinars without any stress.

More to that, you have complete power over both the registration and thank-you pages in terms of customizing them to your taste. Unfortunately, there are limits to these options.

However, the upside is that you can simultaneously stream through Facebook and YouTube.

A nice feature on the platform is the added “spotlight”  that allows you to make your viewer a presenter.

With EasyWebinar, there is adequate availability of live chat functionality as well as custom call-to-action buttons which offers your lead a landing page.

The downside is that, unlike other WebinarJam alternatives, the platform lacks polling or Q&A functionality which is one of the essential and effective engagement tools on webinars.

EasyWebinar Pricing Plans

EasyWebinar Price
EasyWebinar Price

Unlike other WebinarJam alternatives, EasyWebinar offers you an awesome feature.

This platform offers you a complete three(3) months free trial to decide whether you are pleased with its functionalities. After which you can enjoy any of these three(3) different plans.

However, the three(3) premium plans include all features that EasyWebinar has to offer. The only difference is the increase in the number of attendees per upgrade.

Standard Plan

With $59 per month, you enjoy unlimited automated webinars, 100 attendees per webinar, YouTube live integration to mention a few.

Pro Plan

Pro plan offers all the features of the standard plan plus 500 attendees per webinars just at the price of $90 per month.

Enterprise Plan

This is the biggest of the plan, with $90 per month you enjoy all the features of the Pro plan with additional 2000 attendees per webinar.

5. EverWebinar

Speaking of the platform that works best with WebinarJam, EverWebinar is the one. It is a sister of WebinarJam in terms of hosting evergreen webinars.

A nice feature about the platform is that it runs an automated webinar that looks most real or Live for attendees.

That’s why the platform enables you to import your recorded webinars exactly from WebinarJam including your chats and run them as if they were real or live.

On top of this, EverWebinar is simple and straightforward to use even for beginners.

Features Of EverWebinar

Much like WebinarJam and some other alternatives, EverWebinar does not require any download or installation before it can be used.

It is completely a browser-based webinar solution. Hence, it’s embedded with professional landing page templates that can be customized further by you to suit your branding.

More to that, EverWebinar allows you to send automated SMS to your registrants as thank-you notes or reminders. This feature helps to promote your relationship with your customers.

On top of that, this webinar platform offers several nice engagement tools that can be used during your webinar hence, promoting your webinars.

Also, a nice feature on the platform is the simple and easy signing up for a webinar through the one-click registration feature present on the platform.

Finally, EverWebinar supports both live and automated webinars and as well integrates easily with the most popular marketing tools like MailChimp, AWeber to mention a few.

EverWebinar Pricing Plans

Just like other WebinarJam alternatives that have been discussed, EverWebinar offers you a 30-day free test that allows you to feel the functionalities of the platform.

After it has been certified okay, you can subscribe to any of the available premium plans to enjoy the full benefits.

Fortunately, EverWebinar has only one pricing plan with three(3) different payment options which you can pick from. Note that each of them comes with full features and functionalities.

  • The installment plan consists of 3 payments of $199 over one year.
  • The annual plan consists of a single annual payment of $499.
  • The biennial plan as the name connotes, $799 is paid for two years.

6. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar has been acclaimed as one of the first webinar platforms to come into view. The platform was founded far back in 2006 by the same team behind the GoToMeeting software.

Unfortunately, although it is trustworthy, its years of existence are telling on the platform as most standard features that are selling points in the industry are missing.

More to that, though the platform is one of the viable WebinarJam alternatives, its pricing is quite expensive and only supports a few attendees per webinar.

Features Of GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar allows you through the already available templates to create your custom registration forms.

Unfortunately, just as aforementioned, the years of existence have made the overall look of the forms quite obsolete and the options are also limited.

However, their recently added GoToStage functionality, allows you to increase your reach and the number of viewers for your webinar.

On top of that, it enables you to create your medium where you can upload your previous webinar and use them again when needed.

Also, the platform has different effective engagement tools like polls, surveys et Cetra and an engagement dashboard that allows you to have an overview of all the needful information of your webinar at a glimpse.

To wrap it up, like every other WebinarJam alternatives, the platform integrates with other notable marketing automation tools and CRMs such as Zapier, Leadpages, Marketo to list a few.

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GoToWebinar Pricing Plans

GoToWebinar offers four(4) different plans in total which are enjoyed only on subscription. However, each of these plans comes with a 7-day free trial.

On top of that, the plans offer all the platform features except the increase in the number of attendees per upgrade.

Starter Plan

You enjoy benefits like analytics tools, 100 viewers, payment integration at a price rate of $89 per month.

Pro Plan

With $199 per month, you enjoy all the starter plan packages plus 500 viewers, three-channel pages, certificates to mention a few

Plus Plan

This plan offers you all the pro plan features and others like 1000 viewers, 5 channel pages, custom URLs, transcript to list a few.

Lastly, to enjoy more GoToWebinar Pricing bundles, you can subscribe to the Enterprise option where you can customize your configuration to your business taste.

However, your payment determines your choice of room, size, and available features.

7. BigMarker

BigMarker though a newcomer compared to some of the other WebinarJam alternatives on my list has been quite impressive and popular in its niche.

The 2010 launched software is best known for its nice functionalities like hosting webinars, summits, and video conferences.

This implies that the platform comes with several important marketing automation tools and engagement tools which promote your lead generation and hereby converting them to paying customers.

Features Of BigMarker

BigMarker, like other WebinarJam alternatives, is a complete browser-based software solution that you will not need to download or install before it can be used.

It comes with a simple and straightforward interface that can be understood by anyone except for its pre-webinar screen which can quite be challenging being the first time.

On top of that, BigMarker comes with an awesome feature that allows the collection of all customized landing page templates that can be used by you to improve on your webinar.

Also, the platform enables you to customize your registration forms and as well sell tickets and accept payment via them.

Furthermore, BigMarker supports both live and automated webinars which can stream directly to Facebook or YouTube. More so, the platform integrates with well-known CRM and marketing automation tools.

The interesting feature of the platform is that it consists of email tools that allow you to send automatic invites and reminders to your viewers.

The downside is that the offered functionality that is designed to pop up instantaneously during the webinar tends to cover the whole screen leading to distractions for viewers.

BigMarker Pricing Plans

A great thing about the pricing plans is the 7-day free trial which allows you to test the platform before settling for one.

However, to continue with the benefits, you have to subscribe to one of the three(3) available plans alongside the special packages; white label solution and Enterprise-level deal.

Starter Plan

With $79 per month, you enjoy unlimited webinars, 100 attendees, and a single host license.

Elite Plan

It exhibits all the starter plan features plus 500 attendees, two(2) host licenses, Evergreen webinars to mention a few at $159 per month.

Summit Plan

You tend to enjoy all the Elite plan features alongside four(4) host licenses, 1000 attendees, webinar series, and a lot more at $299 per month.

Note, the Enterprise plan allows custom configurations that are always on-demand. The attendees and feature limits are used to calculate the price.


Obviously, you will agree with me that there are several big fish in the river, your net determines the fish you catch.

This implies that beyond WebinarJam being referred to as the only good webinar platform, there are still several better ones. Your choice now depends on the size, financial status of your business.

However, you might not be needing all the long lists of the WebinarJam alternatives explained above, testing one of the platforms might just be what you need to increase your leads and engage your audience.

Note that, all the WebinarJam alternatives are best at their various functionalities they offer just for you to decide on the one that suits you.

Left to you to decide.

Which one would you be going for first?

Would like to hear from you via the comment box below!

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