Livestorm Vs Demio – Which is the Best?

Apparently, people have become indecisive of the webinar to choose between LiveStorm and Demio that will drive more leads to their sales funnel.

These competitions which have left many under a high degree of worries and confusion on which one will suit their business have become fierce.

Demio which was launched in 2014 has taken ground as one of the fast-growing, easy to use Webinar whose unique features has made it to be compared with the top webinars like Go-To-Webinar and Webex in the market.

This has given Demio, browser-based platform acclaim as an updated platform among others that offers modern and huge solutions to businesses in terms of managing a live or automated recorded webinar.

LiveStorm at the other end, although is a newcomer has spread its functionalities to every area of webinar making it a solution to any online events.

It is completely a browser-based platform that needs no download on other apps for it to work.

For the essence of doubt on which one is the best webinar solution, let’s dive in

LiveStorm Vs Demio: Page Building Capacity

Just like the same function as landing pages to every business, the amount of leads that get attached to your webinar is determined by the page building capacity of the platform.

Demio offers you an exceptional ability to create and customize your registration pages and ‘thank you’ pages in no time using pre-build page templates on the platform without being prone to any stress.

More to that, these multiple templates leave you with an option to change and customize your color, brand, text, button to name a few to your taste.

Needful to say that Demio allows you with powerful features such as to add a video, describe a presenter, and even feature a presenter all on your registration page.

Furthermore, to get hold of vital information from your leads, Demio allows you to add a custom field to your registration forms.

LiveStorm allows you to do much on the field forms, registration forms such that you can add custom consents to it too.

On LiveStorm, you are given the liberty to customize your cover image, logo, background color, background, and font color of the button, and the overall font color of the page.

To wrap it up, great pre-design landing pages and registration pages that can be customized by you to your taste are offered by LiveStorm.

LiveStorm Vs Demio: Polls And Survey

Interactive sessions with your attendees during webinars make it interesting and gives you an ample advantage to get the overall webinar feedback.

On this note, both LiveStorm and Demio exhibit these tools which enable you to have an insight into your attendees’ opinion on the webinar.

With Demio, it exhibits a special option that allows polls to be configured ahead of time which is either shared immediately or roll in during the webinar.

Notably, these polls are either with single or multiple answers which can be on a private or public mode depending on the choice of the host.

More to that, after each webinar, feedback from the polls is exported as CSV files for storage or shared as social proof to attract more leads to your upcoming webinar.

LiveStorm, unlike Demio, doesn’t support an advanced configuration of polls rather you visit each webinar room to add them during the webinar.

Also, the configuration ability that Demio offers to set your polls, to require a particular number or length of the answer is not available in LiveStorm.

However, LiveStorm allows your poll to be automatically saved as a draft for easy assessment in future webinars if there is a call.

LiveStorm Vs Demio: Live Chat

Here comes one of the lifeblood of every webinar. The ability to have live chat with audiences serves as a factor that draws people to the webinar.

On both platforms, you can decide on the chat mode that best suits you i.e you can either make it private or public. It’s private when the chat is only between you and the moderators or public when it is shared with the room.

Also, you can choose to enable or disable your conversation at any time on both platforms.

On Demio, you can enjoy complete live chat experiences like sharing of the screen without leaving the webinar room, group chats without any forms of distraction to mention a few.

Note that both platforms allow your attendees to speak and can be co-presenters. Once that happens, they have all equal rights as a host except that they can’t get out of the webinar by themselves.

However, in LiveStorm, the opportunity of attendees being called to speak does not apply to all, as attendees in the compatibility mode are not entitled.

LiveStorm Vs Demio: Pricing Plans

This is one of the greatest factors that must be considered before settling down for any of the platforms.

Demio offers three premium pricing plans which are: starter, growth, and business plan.

Note, Demio offers you a 14-day free trial after which you subscribe to enjoy the full packages.

Demio Pricing Plans

Starter: Demio offers you an unlimited number of webinars with a duration of 3 hours per webinar, 50 attendee rooms, one host per webinar to mention a few.

More to that, the Demio starter plan just as it connotes is best recommended to solopreneurs and small businesses that are just getting started with webinars.

With a price of $49 per month or $34 per month when you get to pay annually, you enjoy all the benefits of the Demio starter plan.

Growth: Demio is mostly known for its growth package due to the extra features that it offers such as custom branding, automated events et Cetra.

On the Demio growth plan, you tend to enjoy all starter plan benefits including that you can organize the unlimited number of webinars, 5 hours duration per webinar, 150 attendee room.

To wrap it up, the growth plan is offered at the cost of $99 per month or $69 per month when you pay annually.

Business: With the business plan, you can promote your webinar to another level.

The business plan offers you all the features of the growth plan including unlimited webinars, 8 hours duration per webinar, 500-attendee room with 4 hosts per session.

With $234 per month or $163 per month when you pay annually, you will take your business to its next level.

LiveStorm Pricing Plans

Here’s LiveStorm, it offers you a free mode and three premium plans which include LiveStorm premium, LiveStorm Enterprise, and LiveStorm Add-on.

With LiveStorm basic, you enjoy features like unlimited webinars, unlimited moderators, up to 20 minutes per webinar, up to 4 participants to name a few.

Needless to say, all of these features are given for free.

Other premiums on LiveStorm involve a subscription which is usually billed monthly and they feature all the LiveStorm basic plans except for the difference in the number of attendees that increases based on the level.

And with LiveStorm Add-on, the highest plan at the cost of +99 Euro and +199 Euro features a limit of 1000 attendees live chat alongside with other LiveStorm Enterprise features.

LiveStorm Vs Demio: Email Automation, SMS, Notification

Automated email systems are an interesting factor on LiveStorm and Demio which enables you to add custom variables to your message.

Hence, LiveStorm enables you to personalize your message and prevent from sending a plain text of the generic emails.

While on Demio, it allows you to send more marketing emails to your user directly with their join link generated from the integration on the registration page.

On both platforms, you can send automated emails through their integrations with Zapier. Demio goes a step further here.

More to that, they integrate well with several CRMs and Autoresponders which makes sending of email possible even without the platform itself in the case of Demio.

Needful to mention that both LiveStorm and Demio support phone calls and SMS messages especially through their several Integrations.

LiveStorm Vs Demio: Integration

Integration makes automation with other tools easy hereby saving time.

Email automation and marketing are supported on both Demio and LiveStorm making it easy to use.

Worthy of emphasis, both LiveStorm and Demio have a complete API with Zapier which makes it easy for its users to integrate with the wide range of applications.

Here are some lists of Demio Integration

  • Ontraport
  • Drip
  • MailChimp
  • Aweber
  • ConvertKit
  • MarketHero
  • ActiveCampaign
  • InfusionSoft
  • Drip
  • GetResponse
  • Marketo
  • Zapier

While LiveStorm integrations are

  • TypeForm
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • PipeDrive
  • Facebook Ads
  • MailChimp
  • SharpSpring
  • InstaPage
  • YouTube Live
  • Drip
  • Twitch
  • SalesMate
  • Zapier

LiveStorm Vs Demio: Analytics And Reports

Analytics and reports are simple but yet a powerful tool which enables you to get the statistics of your performance in every webinar.

Also, it enables you to uncover where your users are falling out of the webinar and to make necessary adjustments.

On this note, both platforms give you an up-to-date tracking and analytics report.

On Demio, all recordings of each session are recorded in HD in the cloud automatically and can be referred to if the need calls for it.

More to that, recordings are supported by MP4 download format on Demio and can be shared with anyone in any part of the world.

LiveStorm functions well in an analytical report just like Demio, it gives you a better understanding of your audience in the webinar and also the ratio of their participation.

Furthermore, if your webinar is structured on sales, LiveStorm analytics provides you with the complete data of your audience which makes it easy to target them afterward.

And if the webinar is based on hosting a training, LiveStorm through the customer success team(CSM) will be able to determine the customers that need attention easily.

Differences Between LiveStorm Meeting Vs Demio Meeting

Both platforms focus on giving the attendees the best hereby retaining them through their new introduction; LiveStorm meets and Demio meetings.

Aside from the exciting features which are offered in the Demio webinar, Demio meetings have been able to improve more on them thereby giving the webinar a new look.

With the new look in Demio meeting, the existing meeting room interface has just been made more simple and clear with the power of live video calls to up to15 people simultaneously.

Chat of the attendees is now made simple with easy identification through a selected color and the initial letter from their names even if their profile picture is not displayed.

More to that, attendees can now easily identify who they are listening to through the display of the presenters and admins at the top bar of the room.

Furthermore, the makeover on the chat room has made it easy to switch your chat from private to the public anytime during the session.

It’s private when you want your attendees to concentrate on the contents and public when you wish to commence a conversation or engage your attendees with each other.

To fully interact with your attendees at the Demio meeting, several gestures that denote your expressions are created such as clap, raise a hand to mention a few.

Worthy of emphasis, on Demio meetings, chat can be filtered to enable attendees to enjoy a complete chat experience without any distractions during the session.

Here’s LiveStorm meet, a new addition to the features of the LiveStorm webinar which permits a few distant conversations on live video calls with up to 12 people simultaneously.

With most of the LiveStorm features, LiveStorm gives you a meeting room that can only be accessed by a link for those who have it.

In essence, this link enables your room to be locked from Intruders and also allows you to monitor who comes in and go out of the room.

Also, sharing of your screens are supported on LiveStorm meetings, which are a hundred percent live.

Notably, LiveStorm meet is a complete browser-based software that needs no download or installation of applications for it to work.

Finally, LiveStorm meet is accessible through any devices like computer, tablets et Cetra i.e it is mobile-friendly.

Similarities Between LiveStorm And Demio

Both platforms provide you with tools that drive leads to your webinar hereby making life easy for them by creating the best webinar solution.

Also, both LiveStorm and Demio have a simple and clear user interface with no or fewer distractions during use.

Furthermore, both platforms are browser-based software that needs no download before they can be operated.

More to that, both platforms allow attendees to start, join, and contribute to the webinar from any device such as a tablet, computer to name a few. This means they are mobile-friendly.

The features of both LiveStorm and Demio does not prevent businesses of different sizes from using them.

To wrap it up, both platforms appreciate the contributions of their attendees and as such support the screen-sharing of either a particular file or the full desktop.

FAQS On LiveStorm And Demio Webinar

Is Demio Free?

Demio is not free. You need to subscribe to one of their plans at a time to enjoy its full benefits. However, the platform offers you a 14-day free trial plan for a newcomer.

Is LiveStorm Free?

No, you have to subscribe to its premium to keep enjoying the platform. However, LiveStorm offers you a basic plan which comes for free.

Does LiveStorm Support Paid Webinar?

Demio does not support paid webinar features. However, the easiest way to do that on Demio is to use Zapier.


There is just a thin line in the makeover of LiveStorm and Demio and to choose between them depends on your choice.

However, Demio is still the best when it comes to marketing as it supplies you with all the tools needed to magnet leads to your webinar.

It’s a modern and straight-forward webinar solution that let you know your audiences through a powerful conversation tool, thereby increasing their chances of turning them into customers

The downside of LiveStorm is that there are few bells and whistles on the platform.

Left to you to decide.


Which one will you be going for first?

Drop your comment via the comment box below

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