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LiveStorm Pricing (2021): How Much Does Livestorm Cost?

This is a detailed review of Livestorm Pricing.

LiveStorm like every other webinar software has added a height of fulfillment into the business world today.

Since the outbreak of Covid19, hosting webinars have become rampant in the industry. Small businesses have started incorporating it into their marketing strategy.

Besides, webinars can be used as a lead magnet to attract prospects and get retaining clients. However, as sweet as that sounds, you need good webinar software to do that. And that’s where LiveStorm comes in.

In my previous article, I did a comparison between LiveStorm and WebinarJam highlighting their features, strengths, and weaknesses.

However, in terms of pricing, I will get into more details about LiveStorm pricing.

As a webinar software that offers a lot of functionalities in the areas of web conferencing, video conferencing to mention a few, I will do a detailed breakdown of the pricing plan and how you can get the best out of Livetorm pricing.

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Let’s dive in.

What is LiveStorm?

livestorm webinar pricing
Livestorm webinar software

LiveStorm is an all-in-one webinar hosting platform that makes it easy for businesses to create, plan, manage, and promote online events.

As aforementioned, LiveStorm webinar software doesn’t need you to download any apps for it to work because everything opens inside a browser.

This functionality has made LiveStorm to be important in areas of marketing, sales, customer success, and as well as used by HR teams to engage their leads to move them down the sales funnel.

Other functionalities of LiveStorm include; online payments, live chats, social sharing, multi-presenter, reminders, screen sharing, Q&A, automated webinars to name a few.

LiveStorm is a browser-based platform that is capable to preside over several online events to take place and can be launched using any device e.g mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.

It was established in Paris, France, in February 2016 although new, it has been widely used by companies of different sizes( small, medium, and large) all over the world.

And brands like Shopify, Honda, Spendesk, Front, Sephora, and Revolut trust have found trust in the use of it.

Other customers of LiveStorm Arange from different sectors including technology, education, healthcare, media, government to name a few with twenty-five (25) languages supporting it.

The languages which span from English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Russian, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Swiss, Finnish, Greek, Japanese, Vietnamese, Arabic, Austrian German, Lithuanian, Croatian, Czech, Slovenian, Turkish.

Through these diverse languages, LiveStorm has cleared the slow-down that would have been encountered in the use of this software all over the world especially in non-English speaking countries.

To wrap it up, Live Storm is recognized by different awards to compliment on their relentless efforts in the webinar software world.

Awards like; top 10 highly rated software, top 10 fastest growing software, and top 10 most popular software, all of these within its four(4) years of existence.

LiveStorm Webinar Features

LiveStorm has been chosen as the choice of many businesses over others due to the following features:

  • Live chat
  • Online payments
  • Multi-Presenter
  • Polls(Voting)
  • Email invitations
  • Q&A during webinar
  • Attendee Management
  • On-demand Webinars
  • Automated Webinar
  • Invite guest presenters
  • Multi-language support
  • Screen-sharing
  • Source tracking
  • Unlimited HD webinar
  • Third-party integration
  • Customizable Registration Form
  • Customizable Branding
  • Session Recording
  • Media kit tools
  • Export video to YouTube
  • Export PDF reports
  • Single-click invite on stage etc

LiveStorm Pricing Plans – Is It Worth It?

Livestorm pricing
Livestorm price – How much Livestorm costs

To start with, LiveStorm runs a free trial mode for new users after which you subsequently pay to enjoy the full package depending on your choice of plan.

Speaking of the full package, LiveStorm offers three pricing packages; LiveStorm Basic, LiveStorm Premium, and LiveStorm Enterprise.

  • LiveStorm Basic

With the LiveStorm basic, users enjoy the full features of the software for free. Features like:

  • Unlimited webinars or meetings
  • Unlimited moderators
  • Up to 20 minutes per webinar
  • Immediate meetings
  • Up to 10 registrants per webinar
  • Up to 4 participants per webinar

To wrap it up, this plan was also free for COVID-19 relief.

  • LiveStorm Premium

With LiveStorm Premium, a subscription is made monthly with a charge fee of 99 Euro per month which is usually billed annually for the users.

The use of LiveStorm Premium is with the full benefits of the features, features like:

  • Unlimited webinars or meetings
  • Up to 20 minutes per webinars or meetings
  • Unlimited moderators
  • Unlimited registrants per webinar
  • Instant meetings
  • Up to 12 participants per meeting
  • Meeting recording enabled
  • LiveStorm Enterprise

With the webinar Enterprise, the best functions that your company needs are guaranteed.

Benefits to enjoy includes:

  • A start with 5+ hosts
  • Unlimited webinars or meetings
  • Unlimited webinar registrants
  • Premium training with a LiveStorm expert
  • Floating licenses
  • Wire transfer payment
  • Multiple workspaces with a single billing
  • One-off attendees limit boost
  • Dedicated CSM (Customer Success Managers) etc.

Note that the cost of Enterprise webinar is  usually based on demand. Also, to keep serving their audience, the webinar executive is coming up with SSO( Single Sign On) as among the features which will be launched very soon.

LiveStorm Add-ons

With webinar Add-ons, customizable plans are easily done by an increase in the numbers of default hosts or the live attendees limit.

To use this plan, the price ranges from +99- +199 euro. For people on price tariff of +99 euro can add up a limit of 250 live attendees, for +199 Euro, a limit of 1000 live attendees while to add up a new host, a price of +99 euro is charged.

How Does LiveStorm Pricing Compare To Other Alternatives

LiveStorm Vs Webinarjam Pricing

Webinarjam like LiveStorm is a webinar software that is used by different sizes of companies ranging from small, medium, and large businesses.

The webinar software which was developed in 2013 by Genesis Digital has played a relentless role to become one of the best platforms in the niche.

Comparing the pricing plans between the two webinars, Webinarjam offers three pricing plans to its audiences which include: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

Needless to say that Webinarjam unlike LiveStorm charges you for any trial of any of their plans at $1 for 14-days.

The basic plan cost for Webinarjam is $499 per year offering you with maximum features that you need

Furthermore, the professional plan, at the cost of $699 per year offers all the features in the basic plans plus other features.

While the last on the pricing plans, the Enterprise plan at the cost of $999 per year covers all the professional features including 5000 attendee room, 6 presenters, 4 hours maximum meeting duration.

The sad truth about the pricing plans of these webinars is that the price of Webinarjam is still a considerable choice to that of LiveStorm which will be best recommended to large scale businesses.

LiveStorm Vs Demio Price

Demio is another webinar platform that has helped in the marketing world. Comparing Demio to LiveStorm in terms of pricing.

Demio is known to offer three flexible pricing plans which are mostly adopted by small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who are newcomers to webinars.

The starter plan which comes in limited features comes at a cost of $49 per month but if your payments are made annually, you will be charged at $34 per month.

Next is the growth plan which exhibits most popular tools needed by you, custom and branding, and automated events at a cost as low as $99 per month for those on a monthly subscriptions and $69 per month for annual subscribers.

Lastly, is the business plan which offers great features at a cost of $234 per month and $163 per month for annual payment.

This implies that paying for Demio a year on a  business plan goes for $2,808 as compared to LiveStorm Enterprise for $2,388.

In conclusion, after the comparison in pricing and their features, LiveStorm is a better option to consider than the Demio.

Livestorm vs Demio

LiveStorm Vs EverWebinar Price

EverWebinar is one of the sister platforms of Webinarjam which is commonly known to be among the best webinar hosts evergreen webinar.

Comparing LiveStorm to EverWebinar pricing plan, EverWebinar offers three flexible pricing plans to keep serving their customers which are:

Installment plan which features include; automated webinar, advanced simulation tool, 24/7 support, etc run at a cost charge of $199 per year for 3years which is equivalent to $16.6 per month.

Moreso, EverWebinar has another pricing plan which is the annual plan with all the features of the installment plan plus page builder, flexible scheme to mention a few at $499 per year.

Lastly, is the biennial plan. From its name biennial, the plan cost is spread out for two years for the payment to be made which is $799/month billed 2years.

To wrap it up, EverWebinar pricing plans are more flexible and better choices than those of LiveStorm.

Livestorm Vs. WebinarJam – Which is the Best?

LiveStorm Vs GoToWebinar Pricing

GoToWebinar is one of the webinars paving ways to difficult situations in the market today.

But unlike the LiveStorm, GoToWebinar software needs a download and installation for hosts and attendees by using the browser-based alternative called GoToWebcast.

Although it arrived at the market in the same year with LiveStorm, LiveStorm is still ahead of it with the fact that it needs no download for it to function and is mobile friendly.

Comparing GoToWebinar pricing to the LiveStorm, GoToWebinar offers four(4) pricing plans. Which are:

GoToWebinar Lite at $59/user per month

GoToWebinar Standard at $129/user per month

GoToWebinar Pro at $249/user per month

GoToWebinar Enterprise at $499 per month

In conclusion, comparing the GoToWebinar pricing plan to LiveStorm, LiveStorm is considered fair enough.

FAQs About LiveStorm

Is LiveStorm Free?

LiveStorm offers a free plan which you can get started with. But the free plan isn’t suitable for business. Indirectly, LiveStorm isn’t free. It offers two premium packages for businesses which gives you the flexibility to stick to a monthly or annual billing system.

What is LiveStorm Discount Code?

As at the time of writing, LiveStorm is offering a 10% discount for any of the premium plans when you pay annually. Aside from that, there’s no other discount offer.

I’ll update this page if there’s any discount offer on the platform.

How Many Attendees Can LiveStorm Support?

LiveStorm can support a maximum of 1000 attendees through their most expensive webinar plan if you subscribe to it but note that for 1000+ attendees, you’ll need to go for their Enterprise plan which is a custom plan.

Does LiveStorm Support Mobile/Tablet Devices?

Yes, LiveStorm is developed in a way it is mobile-friendly which means it supports all devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Worthy of emphasis, LiveStorm is a browser-based software and needs no download for it to work, everything open inside the browser.

Is There A Limit To The Numbers Of Webinars I Can Host Per Month?

No, there is the freedom to host as many webinars as you can.

Does LiveStorm Support Multiple Hosts?

The answer is yes since the pricing is done per host. To get more details about this, you can visit check out the price for your preferred number of hosts here.

Can I Pause My LiveStorm Account?

Yes, LiveStorm permits you to cancel your account on any of the monthly plans anytime from your account setting.


Having gone through the breakdown of Livestorm pricing and its cost, LiveStorm appears competitive among other webinar platforms.

While its cost isn’t the cheapest out there, the quality service you get should be considered alongside the price.

Unlike WebinarJam which its chief competitor, LiveStorm supports all types of webinars including automated webinars. A LiveStorm plan gives you access to both EverWebinar and WebinarJam.

If you have fears about which LiveStorm plan to go for or you’re still at the stage of comparing other webinar platforms in the industry, then you can get started with LiveStorm free trial.

LiveStorm free trial allows you to test out the platform and see if it’s a fit. And based on your estimated attendees’ rate or business, you should pick the plan that best suit you.

Now it’s over to you

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