Demio Pricing (2021)- How Much Does Demio Cost?

More than before, businesses have been lured into the use of a webinar since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic leading to a general discouragement of In-person events and encouragement of an online meeting and marketing.

Besides that, webinars can be used to attract leads, hereby converting them to prospects and paying clients. However, as interesting as its sound, some of its drawbacks might be deal-breakers.

That’s where you need not just a good webinar software to achieve all of these but the best. And that’s where Demio comes in.

All of your worries will soon be eliminated as to whether Demio is the best webinar software to consider, this is a detailed review of Demio pricing.

In my previous post, Demio was discussed among the WebinarJam alternatives under a confined heading.

Apparently, as a webinar software that has taken top-notch in terms of video conferencing, web conferencing to name a few, I will split the detailed pricing plan to enhance your decision to get the best out of Demio pricing.

For a clearer picture of how it works, let’s dive in.

What Is Demio?

Demio webinar software

Demio, although new compared to some other webinar software, has acclaimed fame in the WebinarJam market through its various friendly to use features.

This tool is loved enough that its use has been compared with some of the top leaders in the webinar market like WebEx and Go-To-Webinar.

On top of this, the 2014 launched tool is completely a browser-based webinar that has offers huge and modern solutions to businesses when it comes to managing live or automated recorded webinars.

Needless to mention that although it’s a little bit costly than some of its competitors, it offers a huge seamless webinar and automation solutions for the value of money.

Absolutely, Demio’s fuss-free option in installation, awesome customer support, and lead generation must have been its selling point over other solutions.

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Demio Webinar Features

Demio engulfs several super-packed features which at every point meet up with webinar solutions that have chased others of their money.

Let dive into the nitty-gritty of some Demio features before settling for it.

1. Just One Click Access

This is an awesome feature on Demio which allows you to attend webinars without the stress of download or installation of any software.

Apparently, with just a single click on your browser, mobile, or on IOS, you are already invited to the stage and this gives you room to enjoy webinars at your own comfort.

2. Attractive Registration Page Options

Talking about the registration page. Just like the landing page, the registration page is the brand face of your webinar.

More to that, the lead generation and their conversion on your webinar are determined by how attractive and detailed your registration page is.

With Demio, you can build and customize a beautiful registration page with ease and in no time. In building this fantastic registration page, Demio allows you to use the preset registration options to capture registrations on your personal website.

3. Interactive Polls And Survey

The essence of a webinar is incomplete and boring without polls. This session gives you insight into customer delight, webinar efficiency, and other overall webinar feedbacks from attendees.

Using Demio, all of these wonderful features are what you are entitled to enjoy on your webinar which helps boost your relationship with your attendees.

On top of that, results generated from this session can be used for social proof on your website thereby increasing your attendees in your next webinar.

4. Automatic Reminder Notification

Believe me, you won’t want to leave any of your users’ uninformed about the update. Staying connected with them helps you to retain and generate more for your webinar.

With automatic reminder notifications, you stay connected with your users and as such, they can never lose track of when a webinar is happening.

Moreso, the contents of these notifications can be customized to your brand requirements using Demio.

5. Share Handouts And Gifts

The easiest way to get a lead converted is through evidence; beyond imagination and emotion. They need written or face-to-face proof.

To this note, Demio shares relevant materials such as e-books, white papers to mention a few as gifts and handouts with their audience which are easily made available for download on the platform.

6. Real-time HD Streaming Quality

Talking of the webinar platform that outbring fabulous audio and video quality, Demio won’t be underestimated because of the HD streaming.

Using Demio allows you to enjoy your live chat with your audience with zero glitches leaving you with an experience worth remembering.

7. Screen Sharing

The essence of sharing a screen during a webinar either with co-partners or audience is to enhance demonstration and sharing of slides, all of these are achievable through the use of Demio.

Slides or screens can easily be shared on Demio. The best part of it is that slides and videos can be uploaded and shared without leaving the chat room even for a second before you have that done through the use of the fantastic features.

8. Webcam Sharing

Apparently, you won’t want to miss out on the feature that promotes your interaction with your audience.

Demio webinar offers you an option to share up to three webcams with your co-presenters hereby increasing your interactive sessions on your webinar.

Aside from that, the audience gets really engaged and has a better sight of the context with two or more presenters hosting the webinar.

In a nutshell, this feature promotes creativity and interactivity within the webinar hereby adding value to your audience.

9. Chat Option

Demio chat option allows you to either make your chats private or public. This feature permits you to host interactive and engaging chat sessions with your audience.

It also gives room to take their questions and give answers to all their curiosities in real-time with this feature.

The best part of it is that you can also choose to go ‘solo’ by switching off the chat option to the FAQ option.

10. Fully Automated Webinar

Settling for Demio as your choice of webinar solution might be the greatest decision you just made and value for money.

Rather than running all the webinar activities manually, Demio runs everything for you automatically hereby creating room for you to focus on things that are also relevant.

Not only that, it capabilities to run automatically allow you to minimize the amount of time and how often you appear online through its simple-to-use features.

11. Third-party Integration

With Demio, you can be assured that you will always be aligned with the latest marketing and advertising strategy as these are the basis of their creation.

On this note, Demio makes it easy to integrate with some other marketing automation tools like Ontraport, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Drip, MailChimp, ConvertKit, AWeber to mention a few.

Also, it includes a full API with Zapier which makes it possible and easy for users to integrate with several applications.

Demio Pricing Plans – Is It Worth It?

Demio Pricing
Demio Pricing

In considering Demio, it’s necessary to review and understand their pricing tier options to enable you to make the right choice.

Needful to mention that, all Demio pricing tiers come with free 14 day trials to test and confirm their features before settling for one.

Also, there is an advanced webinar set-up and 24/7 chat and email support on all Demio price tiers plus the more you upgrade in your plans especially to business plans, the higher you gain access to more dedicated support.

Starter Plan

With the Starter plan, you will enjoy features like 50 attendees, three(3) hour sessions limit, live events, standard support to list a few for $34 per month.

Growth Plan

Growth Plan starts with $69 per month and allows you to benefit from all the starter plan features plus 150 attendees, five(5) hour sessions limit, custom form fields, to mention a few.

Business Plan

The grand tier of the Demio pricing tiers is the business plan. It is the most expensive of the three pricing plans.

It’s embedded with all the growth plan features and with extra features such as 500 attendees, eight(8) hour sessions limit, dedicated account representative, to list a few.

All these aforementioned are enjoyed at $163 per month.

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How Does Demio Pricing Compare To Other Alternatives

Pricing is one of the essential factors to consider when choosing any of the webinar solutions.

In this review, I will enumerate different Demio alternatives in terms of their pricing

Demio Vs WebinarJam

Comparing Demio and WebinarJam in terms of the cheapest per annum, you can count on WebinarJam to get your back.

Talking about Demio pricing, you enjoy an absolute maximum attendees room of 500 at its highest pricing tier i.e business plan but for WebinarJam, of course, you already get 500 attendees with their most basic plan.

Needful to mention that WebinarJam like Demio runs three pricing plan tiers which are Basic, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

But as good as it sounds, the WebinarJam pricing plan per month is not a kid-glove as this is not flexible compared to Demio. This implies that you have to save and pay upfront annually to enjoy its features.

Demio Vs LiveStorm

LiveStorm is another great webinar solution that gives value to its money. Comparing Demio and LiveStorm in terms of pricing Plan.

LiveStorm just like Demio has three pricing tiers which are the basic, LiveStorm Premium and LiveStorm Enterprise, each of them offers fantastic features and you tend to enjoy more as you move from a step to the other.

LiveStorm allows more attendees room of 1000 at the Enterprise level which is quite greater compared to what can be achieved with Demio webinar at the price bracket of +99-199€.

Needless to say that, from the look of the best from the angle of the pricing plan, LiveStorm is still a better option to consider.

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Demio Vs EverWebinar

Speaking of EverWebinar which is usually referred to as the sister of WebinarJam when it comes to hosting evergreen webinars.

In the comparison of Demio to EverWebinar in terms of pricing plans, EverWebinar also offers packages in three flexible tiers which are: installment, annual, and biennial plan.

With its installment plan, you run the platform at a cost charge of $199 per year which spreads out for three(3) years.

Furthermore, the annual plan runs all the installment features and some other special features for $499 per year.

Lastly, is the biennial plan which works as its name connotes. This package is run at $799 which is spread out for two(2) years.

Demio Vs GoToWebinar

Talking about one of the webinar that are doing great in solving difficult situations in today’s market, GoToWebinar can’t be underestimated.

Needless to mention that GoToWebinar, unlike Demio is not completely a browser-based webinar and as such needed a GoToWebcast software to enjoy it.

Although this sounded like a limitation GoToWebinar has been seen quite good among other alternatives that are completely browser-based webinars.

More so, GoToWebinar is more pricey compared to Demio but its functionality and ability to handle more viewers at a time is quite exceptional compared to Demio.

The breakdown of the pricing plans are as follows:

GoToWebinar lite is at $59/user per month. GoToWebinar standard is at $129/user per month. GoToWebinar Pro is at $249/user per month. GoToWebinar Enterprise is at  $499/user per month.

In conclusion, the Demio pricing plan is still more fair compared to GoToWebinar.

FAQs About Demio

Is Demio Free?

No, Demio is not free, to really enjoy their full packages you need to subscribe to either a monthly or annual plan. However, there’s a 14-day free trial to try out all the features offered by Demio.

How Many Attendees Can Demio Support?

The maximum support Demio can support in terms of attendees is 1000.

Does Demio Support Mobile/Tablet Device?

Yes, Demio is mobile-friendly. Its interface is lovely and it is supported by mobile devices.

Does Demio Support Multiple Hosts?

Yes. To host multiple sessions simultaneously, you need multiple hosts on your account which allows you to invite up to 15 presenters and moderators for each event.


Obviously, it shows that Demio is competitive among other webinars. While it isn’t the cheapest out there from the breakdown of its pricing and cost, its value for its cost is measurable.

If you are still indecisive about considering Demio, you can decide to clear the air of doubt by starting with the free trial. A trial might just be all you need to set you on track with Demio.

More so, as much as the price is set on focus before considering the webinar, the quality service that you will benefit from should not be disregard.

Now it’s over to you. Which of the plans would you like to start with? Why not start with a free trial?


I would love to hear from you via the comment box below.

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