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Crowdcast Vs Livestorm – Which is the Best?

Everyone seems to be excited with the high conversion rate derived from using a webinar, but the search for the best still gets people stuck.

Speaking of crowd cast and LiveStorm, the challenge of choosing the best between them is like choosing between several soulmates.

However, your choice depends on the purpose it wants to serve. This post will review most of their capabilities to help you choose rightly.

Crowdcast which was launched far back in 2015 has widely done justice to its name by pulling crowds to itself through its functionalities.

The browser-based solution is a live video platform which is channeled to processes concerning interviews, workshop, live question and answer, webinars to mention a few.

The upside about its use is that crowd cast like LiveStorm requires no download or other applications for it to work.

Here’s LiveStorm also a browser-based platform capable of giving solutions to all your online events that need no download before it can work.

To know more about their system of operations, let’s dive in.

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Crowdcast Vs LiveStorm: Page Building Capacity

Like a landing page of every business, the registration page in every webinar plays a similar role.

Keeping it without bells and whistles makes it easy to access by users of which crowd cast have been given thumbs up for.

Although it has limited functions for personal customization, the built-in fonts and colors blend with brands of any type which makes the tussle of coming up with a nice design to be attended to.

Also, the built-in registration page on crowd cast supports the addition of cover images, videos, and other content that helps you magnet lead to your webinar.

LiveStorm is not just another webinar but the one that has chased others of their money through its wide capacity to handle processes.

To start with, LiveStorm offers you catchy registration and landing pages which makes it convert leads easily, and move them down the sales funnel.

Thus, logo, color, text, images, background, background color, and even videos can be edited and customized to your taste from the multiple templates on LiveStorm.

Also, beyond the default form fields provided, LiveStorm allows you to create far more form fields than Crowdcast and also allows you to add custom consents to your registration forms.

Crowdcast Vs LiveStorm: Polls And Survey

Polls and survey are fantastic features on a webinar that makes you engage your audience and to gather feedback on where people are falling off from the use of the webinar.

On this note, both Crowdcast and LiveStorm exhibit this section.

Crowdcast makes it super easy to configure your polls ahead of time which enables attendees that have been registered to roll-in their answers.

Or you can choose to create the polls while your chat is ongoing after which the feedback can be shared with the audience.

LiveStorm on the other end does not support polls to be configured ahead of time, all polls are roll-in during the webinar.

However, your answer for the poll on both platforms can either be set as a singular or multiple answers, short or long answers depending on your choice.

Crowdcast Vs LiveStorm: Live Chat

Here’s one of the greatest features that turn in audiences to webinars and build a face-to-face conversation.

For both Crowdcast and LiveStorm, you have the right to decide on how you want your chat to run. Is either it’s enabled or disabled.

Also, both platforms allow you to make your chat private or public. Needless to say that in keeping your chat private, Crowdcast is faced with a tech glitch as the hidden link is not too visible to access.

Furthermore, Crowdcast and LiveStorm both allow your attendees to ask questions which are answered by the host and these replies can be made either private or public.

Needful to mention that Crowdcast has made a whole lot of efforts to have a different question section which saves you as the host of the time of scrolling through the comments of the attendees before getting the specific questions asked.

Finally, LiveStorm allows your attendees to speak and become co-presenter which has equal privilege as the host just that they can’t walk themselves out.

While on Crowdcast, attendees can become a broadcaster.

Crowdcast Vs LiveStorm: Pricing Plans

Before deciding on the webinar that best suits you, it’s advisable to determine the price.

Note that both Crowdcast and LiveStorm operate on a free trial after which you need to subscribe to one of their plans to keep enjoying them.

Crowdcast Pricing Plans

Starter: At $20 per month which is usually billed per annum and $29 when it is charged per month, you stand the chance to enjoy features such as 50 plus live attendees, 2 hours sessions, HD live video with recording, multi-session events, Email and Chat support, stripe integration to mention a few.

Worthy of emphasis, the Starter plan is usually a huge plus to starters that are just getting started with live video.

Lite: On the lite plan, it includes all starter features with 100 plus live attendees, event and session analytics, Zapier integration, direct integration support with Drip and ConverKit, export email addresses, chat, and data to list a few.

At a charge of $34 per month when billed per year and $49 per month, you enjoy the full package of Crowdcast lite.

The upside is that lite promote creators and small businesses searching for a premium to expand their audience.

Pro: This is another Crowdcast premium that includes all the lite features plus 4 hours session, 250 plus live attendees, custom registration fields, multi-stream to one location et Cetra.

Pro is given to you at $62 per month when billed annually and $89 per month. The plan is best for big and professional creators and businesses which are always hosting live video events consistently.

Business: Good for companies and startups searching to engage their audiences, with a whopping price of $139 per month when billed annually and $195 per month.

On business plan, you enjoy all the pro features plus 6 hours sessions, 1000 plus live attendees, multistream to three locations to mention a few.

LiveStorm Pricing Plans

Are you on a free plan?

With a free plan registration on LiveStorm, you will be able to host unlimited test webinars with a duration of 20 minutes only.

More to that, you will be able to host a maximum of 10 attendees and 10 registrants to your webinar.

The other premiums are enjoyed when you subscribe and they include all features that LiveStorm has to offer. The only difference is in the number of attendees which increases at each level.

With LiveStorm premium, you enjoy benefits such as an unlimited webinar, unlimited moderators, up to 20 minutes per webinar to list a few at 99 Euro per month.

While on LiveStorm Add-ons, you tend to enjoy more live attendees, add up a new host to mention a few at a price plan of +99 – 199 Euro.

Crowdcast Vs LiveStorm: Analytics And Reports

It’s best to know what is best working out for your audiences on your webinar and where they are falling out. As a result, analytics and reports functions can not be overemphasized.

Both Crowdcast and LiveStorm exhibit detailed analytics and reports sections which enable them to achieve the point above.

On Crowdcast, the analytic reports are available for download as a CSV which entails information such as the conversion metrics which shows the converting rate of audiences at different stages of the webinar.

Furthermore, the referral data on the analytic dashboard shows the marketing pathway that is best driving the most traffic.

Also, the location data on the Crowdcast analytic dashboard enables you to determine where in the world your audience is through the display of the map.

This display allows you to easily know which part of the world where your audience is converting from.

Finally, the engagement and the tracking metrics enable you to know the most engaged audience throughout your session and help to determine the several paths your audience takes to find your event respectively.

LiveStorm analytics structured on sales provides you with detailed data of your target which makes it simple to focus on them afterward.

While LiveStorm webinar is based on hosting a training, the analytic reports through the customer success team (CSM) will be able to determine the customers that need attention easily.

Crowdcast Vs LiveStorm: Integration

Both Crowdcast and LiveStorm connect with Zapier which makes it easy to integrate with a wide range of third-party platforms.

As a result, this automation makes it easy with other tools thereby saving time.

Here are some lists of Crowdcast integration

  • Slack
  • Gmail
  • MailChimp
  • Klaviyo
  • InfusionSoft
  • Aweber
  • Salesforce
  • Zapier
  • ConvertKit
  •  Drip

While LiveStorm integrations are

  • Drip
  • YouTube Live
  • Google Analytics
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • PipeDrive
  • Facebook Ads
  • MailChimp
  • TypeForm
  • InstaPage
  • Twitch
  • SalesMate

Crowdcast Vs LiveStorm: Email Automation, SMS Notification

Automated email systems are essential and interesting factors on both Crowdcast and LiveStorm, which allows you to add custom variables to your message.

Thus, LiveStorm allows you to personalize your message and prevent you from sending a plain text of generic emails.

Worthy of emphasis, both Crowdcast and LiveStorm allows you to send automated emails through integration with Zapier and also support phone calls and SMS messages.

Differences Between Crowdcast Meeting Vs LiveStorm Meeting

Both platforms are aimed at giving the attendees not just better but the best features to keep retaining and serving their users.

Crowdcast meetings exhibit all the Crowdcast webinars but in a more intuitive manner.

To add up, the Crowdcast meeting room is accessible immediately after the event is created and anyone who has registered is worthy to participate in the chat.

Speaking of LiveStorm meet, though new on LiveStorm webinar, it allows a few distant conversations on live video calls with up to 12 people simultaneously.

This meeting room only becomes accessible through a link for those who have it. In essence, this link allows you to monitor and prevent Intruders from penetrating the room.

Notably, LiveStorm meet is accessible through any devices which simply mean it is mobile-friendly such as computer, tablets, Android phone to mention a few.

Similarities Between Crowdcast And LiveStorm

Both Crowdcast and LiveStorm are browser-based software and as such need no download of any apps before they can work.

Furthermore, both platforms enable attendees to start, join and contribute to the session from any devices such as computers, tablets to mention a few. In essence, both Crowdcast and LiveStorm are mobile-friendly.

More to that, there is no segregation in the size of companies that can use them so far they have the strength to afford it.

Also, both Crowdcast and LiveStorm connect with Zapier which makes it easy to integrate with more than 500 other tools hereby making automation simple and straightforward.

Lastly, both platforms provide you with tools that drive more traffic to your webinar thereby bringing comfort to users by creating the best webinar solution.

FAQS On Crowdcast And LiveStorm Webinar

Is Crowdcast Free?

Crowdcast is not free, you have to subscribe to enjoy one of the available plans. However, there is a free trial mode.

Is LiveStorm Free?

No, you have to subscribe to one of their premium plans to keep enjoying the use of the platform. However, LiveStorm runs a free trial mode.

Does Crowdcast Support Paid Webinar?

Crowdcast does not support paid webinars. To enjoy the use of this, you will need to integrate with the Zapier outside your Crowdcast event page.


To decide the best webinar between Crowdcast and LiveStorm is fierce due to the similarities that they share especially when viewed side by side.

However, the fact is that there are still some glitches that differ from each other. Crowdcast is the best solution for engaging in meaningful live events.

Are you on a search for the webinar that is best at lead conversion, product demos, train your customers?

LiveStorm is the best option for you.

Left to you to decide on which webinar suits your purpose

Which one will you be going for first?

Drop your comment via the comment box.

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