Crowdcast Pricing Plans 2021 and Discount Coupon

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic waves, the rate of engaging audiences and improving sales through the use of Crowdcast is no longer a nightmare.

At this point, I believe you already know the full potential of Crowdcast and how it can impact your business.

Not to stress this further, this post will emphasize the different pricing plans.

Let’s dive.

What is Crowdcast?


Crowdcast is a browser-based webinar solution that apparently does not need a download before it can work.

Obviously, it represents what the name connotes since 2015 hereby pulling crowd to its use in areas around interviews, workshops, live questions and answers and more.

Although there are but few drawbacks in its features, numerous Crowdcast unique features leave no word of complaints to the lips of its audience.

Few amazing features such as;

  • Readymade neutral colours and fonts that support the face of any brand.
  • Built-in analytics which gives powerful insight of your webinar.
  • Automatic replay that can be accessed at one-click.
  • No delay HD streaming for seamless and engaging sessions.
  • Set up Q&A or workshop, polls and survey in a few seconds.

Crowdcast Pricing Plan Breakdown

crowdcast pricing plans

You might not need to dabble into multiple pricing plan options to determine the best and affordable plan for you.

At this point, the pricing tiers option each with their features is not far-fetched from you to determine your choice.

Below are the four plans which you’ll love to know about.

1. Crowdcast Starter Plan

Of course, there is always a first time to everything. If you’re new with making live video, then you are just a few steps away from the right plan.

With Crowdcast starter plan you enjoy features like two hours of uninterrupted sessions, seamless HD live video with recording, presence of up to four screens.

On top of these, it also supports more than fifty attendees per session with full automated email and chat support.

The good thing about this plan is that all offers come as low as $29 per month.

Here’s a breakdown of the features:

  • 50+ Live attendees
  • Stream for up to 5 hours per month
  • Transaction fee: 5%
  • 2 hour sessions
  • HD Live video with recording
  • Multi-session events
  • RTMP Studio – Broadcast with OBS, Wirecast, Ecamm Live & more
  • Present up to 4 screens
  • Email and chat support
  • Patreon Integration
  • Stripe Integration

2. Crowdcast Lite Plan

Do you really want to engage your audience?

Crowdcast lite plan will be the right help you need to achieve this with less or no stress. It’s suitable for both starters and small businesses.

It’s embedded with all starter plan features plus more than 100 live attendees which also increase your chances to host live chat for 10hours per month.

Asides that, Crowdcast lite connection with Zapier makes it easy and straightforward to integrate with wide ranges of third-party vendors like Drip and ConvertKit for easy workflow.

More to that, it gives analytics for all your events and sessions. With this, you can relax and be sure that your conversations are retrievable any time for performance review.

Finally, before you get too overwhelmed with all of these, it’s necessary to let you know that this package is for $49 per month.

Here’s a breakdown of the features offered on the Lite plan:

  • 100+ live attendees
  • Up to 10 hours live stream per month

All Starter features plus:

  • Event and Session Analytics
  • See detailed conversion rates, referral info, performance metrics and engagement metrics about your crowdcast.
  • Zapier Integration
  • Direct Integrations with ConvertKit & Drip
  • Export Email Addresses, Chat, Data

3. Crowdcast Pro Plan

This is a big brother plan usually for professional creators and businesses that frequently host live video events.

Needful to mention, you enjoy all excellent features of Crowdcast lite and more like increase live attendees above 250, twenty(20) hours live chat per month.

Furthermore, the plan allows you to host four(4) hours sessions with one multi-stream to a location plus you can present up to six(6) screens.

Apart from that, Crowdcast Pro costs $89 per month.

The features here include:

  • 250+ live attendees
  • Up to 20 hours live stream per month

All Crowdcast Lite plan features plus:

  • 4 hr sessions
  • Multistream to 1 location
  • Present up to 6 screens
  • Custom registration fields

4. Crowdcast Business Plan

This is a big fish in an ocean in terms of the features it offers. It comes with the cost of $195 per month, quite expensive than other plans.

Its features will make you want to settle for it. Business plan exhibits all Pro plan features plus more than 1000 live chat attendees which also increases your hours of chat per month to forty(40).

More so, with this plan you can host six(6) hours sessions and also multistream to three(3) locations.

Finally for this, you get:

  • 1000+ live attendees
  • 40 hours live stream per month

All Pro features plus:

  • 6 hr sessions
  • Stream up to 6 hours in a session. You can add an unlimited number of sessions to an event.
  • Transaction fee: 2%
  • Multistream to 3 locations


Crowdcast Coupon Code and Free Trial

At the moment, I’m not sure Crowdcast has a coupon code but the good thing is that it offers a 14-day free trial.

During this period, you will enjoy all the features and integrations of their potential subscribers even to their business plan features.

Features like ten(10) live attendees and thirty(30) minute live sessions are few out of the numerous benefits to enjoy during the free trial.

Invariably, you can have a rethink and see this as a good chance to save with this free trial mode.

Crowdcast Key Features – Why Crowdcast?

The following are the key features of Crowdcast.

Unlike other cloud-based software, Crowdcast is completely a browser-based webinar solution with zero download tussle before you can attend your meeting.

This feature makes it mobile-friendly on Android, iOS devices and also supported on most modern browsers. With this, you experience an easy interaction with your audience.

Asides that, the built-in registration page allows you to customize your landing page by adding cover images, videos and other interesting contents hereby increasing

Furthermore, the polls and survey section on Crowdcast makes you engage your attendees and also get the feedback of where people are falling off from the webinar for future adjustments.

Also, relationships sound good and important to Crowdcast and that’s why viewers can click the “follow” button to receive updates via push notification or email for any upcoming events.

On top of that, the worry of how to design the face of your brand is taken away through the built-in neutral colours and fonts of the platform which save you the hassle of having a nice design.

Finally, Crowdcast allows you in just seconds to go live without any tussle of download. With live chat, your webinar turns to two-way conversation hereby increasing the number of your audience.

FAQs about Crowdcast Webinar

Is Crowdcast Free?

No, but Crowdcast offers you with a 14-day free trial where you can enjoy a full package of their features up to business plan.

How Does Crowdcast Compare to Zoom?

To start with, both Crowdcast and Zoom are webinar solutions that help to drive traffic to your webinar.

Both Crowdcast and Zoom can connect with Zapier which makes them integrate easily with third-party platforms hereby, increasing their workflow.

Furthermore, both webinar solutions support the use of the platforms by intended users that can afford their costing.

However, although both solutions share most similar features, there are still few differences in their functionalities which distinguish them.

Talking about Zoom, unlike Crowdcast is a cloud-based webinar that requires a download of the Zoom app on your device before it can be used.

However, you can click on the link below for further reference to the comparisons of Crowdcast and Zoom

Does Crowdcast Automatically Record?

Yes, with Crowdcast your sessions are automatically recorded. Although Crowdcast doesn’t offer a direct MP3 export for download.


Apparently, you have gone through the different pricing plans and the features they offer at each level, you will agree that even when it’s not the cheapest, its features chase others for their money.

As good as it sounds to consider price before settling for the platform, your audience satisfaction should be at the peak of your consideration.

Finally, you might not still be sure with your decision, their 14-day free trial will help you clear your doubt.

Left for you to decide.

Which of the plans would you like to go for first?

I would love to hear from you via the comment section below.

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