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Stumbled on recently but had a tough time deciding if it would work out for you? This review provides you with all the facts you need to make a well-informed decision. 

To begin with, we are reviewing an app-building platform. If you’ve decided to turn to mobile apps to boost your brand’s presence online, you’re in good company. 

As the years go by, we cannot afford to lag in the latest tactics and strategies to stand out from the crowd.

The use of mobile apps to advance our business interests is shaping the future of online marketing, as many businesses and companies are now turning to them.

The results speak for themselves: better branding, conversion, delivery, motivation, and overall satisfaction on both sides.

It’s a win-win.

But what could be more complex than learning coding or programming before you build compelling apps for your digital product?

This is where tools like come into play. It’s now in for review, and I’ll go the extra mile and a half to present an honest breakdown of the platform showing you its features, along with its pros and cons.

Alright, trust you are ready, and the first thing we look at is the bare description of the platform.

What is is an app-building platform. With it, you can create and launch an almost limitless variety of apps depending on your interest.

It was founded by Matthias Bellmann and Daniel Harvey about the year 2015 and had, since then, served the interest of millions worldwide. 

The name hints at its purpose to help users express their passions or interests, however, this time in a way that earns them money.

That was the goal, monetize your passions by creating apps that can advertise your brand essence interactively.

Now, with, your customers can enjoy your services simply through the apps which will be the home for your products and services.

So, for instance, you can organize training through videos, hold webinars for courses, create public awareness around your products, and so on.

They further equip you to increase your conversion rates by allowing you to cram into your apps such abilities as running install campaigns, building app sales funnels, creating upsell journeys and selling through global app stores.

The way it works is quite simple. No coding or programming experience is required, and you’ll be given training as soon as you are ready to start.

You first have to sign up, which involves picking your subscription plan. You’ll then be taken to your dashboard. 

From there, you can pick a template and start uploading content such as videos, images, text, audio or interactive content.

To finish up, customize your app using the various layouts and themes provided as templates. 

Once you’re done with all that, follow their step-by-step guidelines for launching your app either on the Google Play Store or Apple Store. 

Whatever app you create is entirely yours, and will be white-labeled on any App store you submit it to.

They are also as feature-rich as the ones built with professional programming. Besides, they work on all operating systems.

You can collect orders and receive payments through your app or any integrated payment system.

Start your 14-Days Free Trial

Who Is It For?, aka Passion Fighter, is for anyone that has a passion he/she wants to infect others with and make money in the process.

Almost all kinds of business owners can find a perch on Passion fighter. They fall into one or more of the following categories:

Coaches, trainers, instructors

These people have expertise in various areas and are usually keen on sharing their knowledge.

All they need is a platform to enable them to express themselves and impact the lives of others. 

If you are thinking of setting up coaching lessons in any area, you are not wrong at all.

You might not have a diploma at it but there are others who will give away anything to rise up to the level you’ve attained in that field.

Passion fighter makes it possible because no matter your field or niche, your content will be supported. Even basic skills like cooking and woodworking can be taught via any app you create.

Ecommerce and business owners

The above title rhymes with creating business websites. 

You want a website for your products that simplifies the buying process for your customers.

And part of that is ensuring that it integrates well with, if possible, every payment method.

It should also be based on eCommerce platforms that are vetted for security.

All that is included in what Passion fighter promises to do for you so that you can be paid for your products and services even while you sleep.

eLearning is not only expressed by creating but by learning as well.

This is why on Passion fighter, you can browse projects instead where people have taken their time to share their skills.

Apps created by dedicated people who are good at what they do can be great tools for learning. 

The reason for that recommendation is that the learning experience is more practical than theory. With that, you can start applying what you are taught right away to real-life situations. 

You even get to pay less, and depending on your circumstances and needs, that might make practical learning skills online a more sensible option than going for physical degrees.

Creators & influencers

These categories of people also have a lot to gain from tools like Passion fighter.

Just think, if you are one of them, having your own app where your followers can access updates about what you’re currently up to can be a no-brainer.

So even if anything happens to the big social media platforms for any reason, you won’t miss your loyal followers. There will be an alternative for them to reach you with.

And if companies reckon with you, you will get paid even more for appearing not just on their ads via TV channels but for creating your own advertising app as well.

Online course creators

If you are an online course creator, you can deliver your course in form of a custom app to your students.

That is, your students can take your course by installing your app on their mobile or desktop device. They get access to all the course content; videos, community, and texts.

This is a next-level solution for course creators.

Before, if you as a course creator want to own a custom app, you will have to hire an app development agency to create one for you.

Plus, it’ll require consistent technical management, etc.

But now, you can get the same quality solution using a drag-and-drop solution like

Health & Fitness

Like many other fields, health and fitness is extremely popular. 

And since more people are indoors these days, there has never been a better time for tools like Passion fighter to exist.

Having health and fitness coaching at home from an on-screen mentor can reduce stress and costs and be a better alternative for busy people.

So if health and fitness resonate with you, Passion fighter can be an excellent place to indulge in it as a coach.

Features of

On demand & live streaming

It’s no exaggeration to say that allowing consumers to access products at their convenience should be one of the selling points of any brand.

With Passion fighter, you can tick that box. You can create easily downloadable content so viewers can access them at any time. 

You can also do live streaming to build excitement around any new product nearing its launch or if you have anything to say about a trending topic.

Drip content

Drip allows you to automate your marketing experience so that customers can be attended to based on the actions they perform without you involving yourself.

Passion fighter allows you to add integration with Drip in your apps.

Multiple actions can then be set to occur within your app when a specific task (trigger) is performed.

So for instance, let’s say you got a new subscriber. That’s the trigger. You can then automate an email offering a discount on one of your products.

Once they click on the link, they are taken to your sales page powered by any eCommerce platform.

There is almost no limit to what you can set to occur on your behalf. It can even be unlocking new content once the recipient performs certain actions.


A community is always welcome on any platform.

Members of a community can be of assistance to one another and be part of projects where they challenge each other. 

It’s one of the core features of Passion fighter. And one of Passion fighter’s goals with the community feature is for your audience to have a sense of accountability to one another and to you.

Automated Challenges

This builds on what we talked about in the community section.

Challenges can be set to activate at a certain time. Members of the community simply jump in and start showcasing their progress as they learn from you.

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are another way of keeping your customers informed.

You also let them know of new releases and special offers.

It is up to you to decide how notifications appear. 

Depending on the plan you select, you can create apps that work both offline and online so that, in any case, your customers can receive this notification anytime 

Interactive Experiences 

Here you can involve your audience as much as possible. Whether they are learning a new skill or trying out a new product, you can carry them along each step of the way.


Passion Fighter’s support system is quite multilayered. It focuses more on constant guidance to help you discover the secrets of using apps to grow your online business.

That’s not surprising since the platform itself is more of a mentorship thing for a reasonable length of time after you join it.

For more detail, the support goes like this:

There are two levels of concentrated training for both newbies to online businesses and ready made online entrepreneurs. 

When you first sign up, there is an expert unleashed challenge where you are guided on the techniques of building  and launching your app successfully. 

Then there is the expert freedom which is for those who already had their online business already in place.

The expert freedom helps them (and you if you’re already an online entrepreneur) to scale up any already existing online business.

Pre-recorded onboarding tutorials are available as well. You can step up to actual one-on-one tutorials via video calls when you upgrade your subscription plan.

Another dimension to the support is the provision of expert communities and accountability coaching. 

Accountability coaching simply means you’ll be assigned a human coach who will be monitoring your progress.

And finally, we cannot miss the orthodox customer representative service that in this case can be accessed via email and live chat. 

Claim Passion io 14-Day Free Trial Price —How Much Does It Cost? comes in two plans depending on your budget: Pro and Ultimate. 

The first option you get is the Pro plan which is billed at $97 if you choose monthly payments. 

Going for annual subscriptions will mean paying only $79. That represents savings of around $216 when you choose annual billing. 

To unlock more features like video call tutorials, drip content, et cetera, you need to upgrade to the Ultimate plan, for which you’ll be paying $297 every month for monthly subscriptions. 

For annual subscriptions, you’ll only spend $239 monthly, affording you savings of $696 annually. —Pros and Cons

Yeah, there is no doubt that has areas it excels. Nevertheless, we should watch out for where it misses the mark.

We need to be sure that we are on the safe side whether we choose it or not, so here we go with the pros and cons:


  • It presents a simple way of learning how to build apps without coding—the whole background work has been done so you just drag and drop.
  • Apps built on are as feature rich and widely recognized as the ones built with professional programming knowledge. 
  • The range of niches supported is quite broad.
  • Rich, user-oriented support system


  • High price tag can cut out a big chunk of your savings. 
  • Focus is usually on social media for building your audience base. May not work for you if you have a low follower count. 
  • Much of the training encourages you to start selling your services as your app is in development. This can be difficult to keep up with if you run into issues and may lead to frustration for both you and your clients when you’re unable to release updates quickly. 


You’ve now gotten a preview of what is all about right?

Looking back, there is no doubt that it delivers well, at least on paper. Nevertheless, it also seems to suit a particular set of people more than others.

If you fall in that bracket, your experience with it will be nearly 100% risk-free.

Here is what I mean. You need to have built a reliable audience base for your app to even work at all or who will you sell to?

If you’ve met that criterion, you are good to go with 

But if that doesn’t describe you, you need to have second thoughts. 

Or maybe you’ve even used it before, would you like to share your experience? I would love to hear.

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