Stealthseminar Pricing and Cost 2022

As quite cool it sounds, to know that StealthSeminar has been impactful since its incorporation into a marketing strategy by different businesses.

Many people still get stuck due to their inability to get hold of the complete details of the pricing breakdown and cost of the platform.

Here, not to waste a minute more of your time, this post is an attempt to reveal all about the pricing of StealthSeminar to help you know and decide.

Grab a cup of coffee while I walk you through the recent and up-to-date pricing and cost of StealthSeminar at different levels.

Let’s dive in.

Overview of StealthSeminar?


As you know, automation and webinar when combined, the result is StealthSeminar.

StealthSeminar is a webinar platform that runs your pre-recorded webinar on autopilot exactly the same way you will have a live chat which in turn saves your time for other areas of your business and still serves your audience.

While still counting, StealthSeminar has assisted many clients like you to build and succeed with their live, automated webinar and hybrid.

In spite of that, the platform has also offered tons of flexibility and convenience while you run your webinar live, automated, or hybrid.

Apparently, their primary focus has been the wheel driving them to generate leads and sales, build authority and overall track progress and improve on them for their audience.

StealthSeminar Pricing Breakdown

Stealthseminar Price

How far have you searched for the complete StealthSeminar pricing breakdown?

Well, look no further because you have just landed in the right place. Meanwhile, you might not be needing all the information here before you will get started.

The free trial mode for 30-day will really be helpful in your decision-making. Invariably, you have the chance to test the platform before paying.

The good thing is that recently the registration fee for the starter plan was removed.

I suppose you want me to get started right?

Before you get overwhelmed with the features offered by the various StealthSeminar pricing plans, it’s worthy of emphasis that, every pricing plan comes with these super-duper features:

  • Custom webinar templates including registration, events, thank you, replay pages.
  • Unlimited number of webinars per month.
  • Custom email reminders.
  • Webinar streaming and encoding.
  • Attendee auto-detection.
  • No risk double guarantee.
  • Support of white-glove ticket

Let’s get into detail about the different pricing options offered by StealthSeminar.

Starter Plan

How familiar and often do you use automated webinars?

This plan will be a perfect match for you if you are just starting.

To start with, the plan enables you to save $100 off of the registration fee.

On top of that, other attention-grabbing features like 100 simultaneous attendees, system support 7 days a week, active response statistics, webinar chat, plus all the above-mentioned features are enjoyed.

Finally, compared to the package it offers, it comes low as $69.95 per month.

Professional Plan

Next, is the professional plan where you are benefiting from all starter plans and the above-mentioned features and beyond.

With a professional plan, you will benefit from features such as up to 6000 worldwide SMS reminders for every month, 100 simultaneous attendees.

Other features such as white label custom domain, white label custom email sent from address, Facebook reminder are not excluded from the plan.

Since this plan is advanced compared to the starter plan, it runs for $99.95 every month. With this plan, you can increase your audience.

Growth Plan

With this plan, you enjoy exclusive features such as unlimited worldwide SMS reminders, 300 simultaneous attendees, priority email delivery, up to 900 streaming hours per month, white-glove phone support.

Asides from these features, you also have access to all professional plan features plus the general features at whooping pricing of $175.00 per month.

Power Plan

Although the power plan is the last on the pricing list, this doesn’t limit its features and functionalities.

The truth is, Its capabilities will lure you to settle for it especially when your focus is to send a great number of traffic to your webinars leading to the necessity for more room to host your simultaneous attendees.

Features like unlimited priority SMS reminder, free advanced plugins, custom contracts and invoicing, pay by check, dedicated technical support are embedded in the plan.

Noteworthy, the power plan is a customized plan due to this reason, the StealthSeminar customer service team needs to be contacted for the pricing since it’s not static.

Also, since it’s a customized plan, simultaneous attendees can be customized to your needs.

StealthSeminar Amazing Guarantee

Is there any guarantee when it comes to getting StealthSeminar?


In order to continuously earn their trust with their clients, StealthSeminar offers double guarantees.

Firstly, you have 30 days with no questions asked. The platform gives you 100% assurance within this time frame.

Asides from that, you also get the chance to get back a 100% refund on any system failure complained in the first 60 days of your purchase i.e you get all your money back if you are displeased with the way the platform works in the first 60 days of your purchase.

Stealth Seminar Free Trial

Of course, you have the whole of the platform for 30 days before settling for it.

A top-notch to the platform when it comes to this because unlike most platforms that only offer 14 days free trial.

In a nutshell, StealthSeminar supports a free trial mode.

Stealth Seminar Discount for 2021

The good thing is that, in spite of the free trial mode, StealthSeminar still goes as far as giving a deal when it comes to getting the platform.

To enjoy the discount, always select annual when it comes to choosing your plan.

With this, you can actually save for 2 months of no payment with an unlimited enjoyment of the features subscribed for.

Pros and Cons

Despite the multi-dimensional features of StealthSeminar, it still matters to know if some of its drawbacks are deal-breakers.

Do you think the pros outweigh the cons?

Let’s examine


  • Multiple webinar options.
  • Availability of your presentation at any time speaking of the automated webinar.
  • They are a highly experienced platform by the virtue of their years of existence
  • Bountiful customization options for your webinar
  • Detailed instructions for setting up your webinar
  • Unique customer support
  • Free testing ability of the platform without credit card


  • The cost of hiring a technical person to run the webinar is demanding.
  • Less anticipation for automated webinar unlike live chat which spur quick response
  • There is no recording option for live chat

Wrapping Up

Here, it matters to know that StealthSeminar displays a nice collection of features especially in the area of the multiple webinars it runs.

However, there’s a straw that breaks the camel’s back which is the pricing. Compared to other tool options, StealthSeminar appears to be more expensive.

As much as this sounds, running a successful webinar that contributes immensely to your lead generation, sales, and monitoring of your webinar progress should be prioritized.

Well, the good news is, StealthSeminar has an answer to your worries by offering a 30day free trial mode that will enable you to use the platform without pay.

Thereafter, you can now decide on which of the plans offered by StealthSeminar work perfectly for you.

On top of that, the platform allows you to save more money by giving out two(2) months free whenever you choose the annual means of payment.

Also, the starter plan gives you full access to the platform without any registration charges which was a recent development.

It all sounds good, right?

Finally, if you are planning to host large simultaneous attendees for your webinar at a time, you might just consider StealthSeminar.

Left for you to decide

Which of the plans will you love to start with?

I would like to hear from you via the comment section.

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